Adjustment to becoming a professional

I have been extremely absent lately. A lot has changed. I’ve gone from being a retail manager to certified wedding planner to professional wedding and events coordinator.

In the last month I have done some amazing functions already. Grade 12 formal of 230 people! A few baby showers, huge engagement party of and last weekend a beautiful vow renewal.

I love connecting with these different personalities and our different experiences and come together and create some gorgeous celebrations.

What I have learnt so far is beyond what I could have imagined- details matter!

All the couples I have sat down and met with the last month I have been extremely thorough. A good hour chat with all of them and I got all the info I needed to create their perfect day. Great feedback from them all is my attention to detail and understanding all of their needs and desires.

It’s much like a relationship with a husband or a wife isn’t it ? Someone is reaching out, trusting you with their feelings and becoming vulnerable opening up their most wanted desires and what makes them truly happiest. It’s #1 on the most important list of to dos when it comes to my job. If you don’t listen, you can’t understand and you can’t do! If you don’t understand your clients you can’t feel how special it is and you can’t deliver and you definitely aren’t creating a memory, it’s sadly just a transaction.

I love hearing a couples story. Their beginning. I personally find it an honour to be apart of their present and I hope to be remembered in their future. Just a little.


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