Just observing Christmas

As an observer…

Christmas is a strange time of year.

Whilst my husband is somewhere in the shopping centre wondering around I’m sitting on a couch watching everything around me.

Frantic baristas trying to fill orders while customers get angry and rude because they are in a hurry. Parents are turning bright red and yelling at their little children for wanting to run to Santa and say hello. Children are so funny to see at this time of year. They don’t have the same understanding about Christmas as adults. Parents are here to spend money and get angry because of the pressure they put in themselves but the children see it as a day out of the house finally. In a strange place that is loud and exciting with all these lights and Santa and reindeers.

I sit on this couch with two older men across from me. Every now and then we catch each other’s eye and smirk. We’re all here for the same reason and we’re all at the same thought;can we leave yet?

And then there were two of us… wife comes along to pick up her wonderer and there off to the next corner of the centre. When will our time come ?

I actually laughed out loud a little because I’ve been here so long I’m starting to created stories for the people rushing passed. Christmas is not worth your sanity. Trust me.


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