Lets Talk $$

The moment we got engaged we knew exactly what we wanted on our day and how to make it happen. We have expensive taste when it comes to… well, anything really but when we started putting our wedding together we found that we really were in it for the right reasons.

No showing off, no rubbing it in anyones face and it definitely wasn’t just so we could have a party. It really was for the love and committment shared on the special day.

One thing I do like to tell everyone about the planning is that it came in under 5K.

So how did we do it? Here are my top tips …

*Be willing to compromise on everything.
Sit alone first and write out your top 3-5 non-negotiable items, then sit with your partner and discuss theirs and come up with a combined 3-5 nonnegotiable for your big day. I only had 3 because we were planning a pretty small wedding; approx 40 guests.
For us it was Photography, flowers and accommodation; everything else was optional.

Remember to make these achievable for your budget.

*Do what ever makes your truly happy.
If you want the day to be stress free and not waste time sitting away from everyone just to eat then don’t. We wanted everyone to mingle and for us to have a chat with everyone so we had cocktail style finger food. We also didn’t want anyone getting drunk at midday so we had no bar tab (but did for our family dinner)

*If you need help hire a professional.
Wedding planners can do as little or as much as you want! They can just get suitable vendors for you, help with planning or take over if you wish or you can give them a schedule to follow on the day of and that’s it. Don’t ever assume the price of a planner either, it can be quite a disconnect if you avoid speaking with one because you heard about one in the big city that is $100 an hour. This is not the case for all. Take into account the location, their years of expertise and the event itself.  If you decide not to go with one at least pay attention to what else they offer you may need to organise a hens or bucks night, a baby shower, a bridal shower, a house warming- it’s possible not all events are charged the same.
Also a big one… Don’t undermine the charge of a planner when weighing pros and cons think about all the hours they put in you don’t know about, all the time spent on just you, all their creativeness, their expertise and ask yourself Will this day be it’s best with them? if you don’t think any one can do it as good as them you book them immediately. Remember they can help you save in other ways to be able to comfortably pay for them.

So what about our big day ??
Dress- $150 (non bridal store)
Shoes- on sale for $40
Jewellery- x3 rings under $100
Necklace- $25
Celebrant- $50 off for weekdays
Resort- discount on accommodation to stay an extra night + hired ceremony items = no need to buy and drag around home
Suit- on sale $200 (including shoes)
Makeup $100
Hair- $65
Flowers- $430 for medium bouquet, buttonhole, cake, welcome sign, bunch of babies breath
Cake $280
Photography $1950
stationary -under $100 done ourselves

Just a quick run down there but you can see where the important things came into play. Obviously there is so much more to a wedding but you get the simple idea.

My goal in becoming a professional planner is to help others achieve their perfect day, the day they deserve and dream about. I want pinterestweddings to become real weddings like mine but more than that I want to make the small moments big memories with baby showers, house warming, bridal showers, stag & does; things that seem to be forgotten or treated small.

Contact me at tazonblog@gmail.com


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