Ugh… family

It's so true that you can't pick your family.

I just spent a really long weekend with my almost whole family.
Siblings, cousins, aunts, nephews, parents, grandmother, all for a first birthday.

It was well worth the trip. Two days of travel down there and a long 14 hour drive back. But it was not worth all the drama!
I was completely oblivious to it all while there because it was time for me to meet four nephews. One of which born in the last week. All of them absolutely gorgeous and stole my heart the moment I saw them.
I made sure my time was spent wisely getting to know their personalities and playing with them as much as possible. Obviously just cuddle the newborn to death, he won't be like that for long.

So what I came home to was calls of the bitching and explanations of the awkward silences that happened.
I had no idea family members weren't talking for months and that others were crying when we weren't looking.

Hearing what had happened right in front of me made me question what family really means and when we stopped being one.
This bitching and competitiveness needs to stop.
It's not just everyone else; I also need to make more of an effort with my family. I need to call more and even text every few days to check in. Ask about the kids and definitely send a birthday card. I don't exactly have a problem with anyone in particular I just can't handle the negativity anymore.

I have worked really hard becoming a better version of myself with meditation, working hard and always thinking positive so the negative I just can't deal with so I shut it out and with that I also shut out my family …



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