For once I’m the visitor

Being in retail I get to meet all these exciting people on a daily basis.
I get to be my crazy self asking all kinds of questions from where they're from to how our normals differ.

I love having a good Ol' chat with literally anyone. Air craft liaison from Tennessee, air craft pit crew from Phillipines and Arizona and pilots from Florida; this was just last week.
With the thousands of people in town at the moment how can I not live the motto I tell my team.

Be interested not interesting- Terry Hawkins.

I asked these guys the most random questions of their day. What their zoos and wildlife parks are like. What their plastic consumption is. How their fast food chains differ to here. I had a minimum 40 minute conversation with each person.

Don't get me wrong, I had a super busy day. I had reports, cleaning, stock, merching and sales coming out of my ears but during those conversations I made those people feel like they were the most important part of my day.
And at the end of the conversation I said "thanks for being apart of my day" because I want them to walk out knowing I wasn't there for a sale, I wasn't pretending, they were such an important part to make my day whole and they deserve that.

Retail can be a pain in the ass but the people I meet everyday out way any rude, threatening, stealing customer. I like my customers to feel like family and if they walk out feeling that way I have done what I needed for another day.

My point to all of this was that I am travelling down south with my parents. Yes less than 5 weeks to my wedding and I've had to leave my fiancé at home while I go on a little road trip.
All the places we have stopped for coffee or pies and toilets no one has asked why we're here, where we headed or where we from. I wish I had the 5 minutes to give these people a quick hyper to improve their customer relationships, it's not even service I'm talking about it's the relationships. Asking 1 right question can change a persons day, can even save a life.
Do me a favour people… say hello to the old guy on the park bench, grab the old ladies coffee so she doesn't have to stay standing or get back up, help the little kid up or down the step and give them a clap when they achieve it on their own, ask a kid their name or age or even their favourite colour, easier than all of that; smile and say thank you – it all goes a long way and guess what you've just built a relationship.


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