The Next Chapter…

My oh my! Has it already been two months since I last wrote?

So much has happened and it’s all getting super exciting.
If you’ve read some of my latest blogs you would know that I had to stay with my parents for the last two and a half months because the retail store I manage was closed to be built another one. Well, that time has come. I’m back home for good and today I head in store to start unpacking and setting it all up. I have seen progress shots and the store looks amazing. I cannot imagine how much better it has gotten in the last week with everything being completed.

So, in the time I was out-of-town so much more happened than I could have hoped for. After a few weeks of all this extra time where I would usually be with my dog or partner I thought really hard about my life. Where do I see myself in years to come, in retirement, with kids, all that. It got me thinking, yes I love retail, I love interacting with customers and really getting to know people, letting strangers bring down their walls with me. This is the part that makes me come to work each day. Not telling people what to do and where to go (although that is a perk of being a manager), it’s not when I get to know someone on a personal level, get them to trust me and spend money and then say “catchya” and move onto the next. I want to stay connected with that person and be a part of their story.

Over all I do really love my job, it’s an amazing, outspoken, free spirit company that I work for and a million people would kill for my job. What I have come to realise is that my outlook, my goals and my happiness has changed over that last few years, even the last few months.
I need something different, something creative and something much, much more rewarding. I want to celebrate all the little accomplishments and in retail it’s hard to do that because there is always someone else doing it better. Which is not a bad thing really.

Anyway, I had decided I would slowly transition into a completely different industry. One that tests all the skills I have gained as a retail manager; time management, accountability, responsibility within the business, leading a team, working with a lot of different personalities. And then it always includes the skills that are natural to me; creating, connecting and best of all having my own business. Working for myself is my ultimate goal because it will allow me to be a present mum. I biggest fear in life is always being too busy to watch my kids grow up. I will do anything to make sure this doesn’t happen.
For all of this to take off I am now not only working fulltime, planning my wedding, and dealing with another big life thing but I’m now studying fulltime to become certified in the industry I want to join and between all that and the commute from home to work each day I somehow find time to work out 4-5 times a week. Surprisingly so good for my body and soul.

Other than an almost big but at the moment minor life change Nitro Circus came to town for a show which was unreal! I can’t wait to see them again.

I feel like I’ve left stuff out but I think that’s enough for today.

If anyone is reading this I would love to hear from you!
Please tell me if you have ever up and left a job to do something completely different? How did you come to the decision? Has it worked out for you for the better? Words of advice because every now and then I freak out a little.


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