Distance Is A Bitch

This is proving to be harder than I thought.
This is now the longest my partner and I have been apart in the last 5 years. 5 night; it’s not even that long of a time but it is for me.

I know other people have it much harder and I honestly have no idea how they can do it. So much respect for them for sticking through.

It’s hard knowing I am only a 3 hour drive but even if I could get out-of-town to drive home I wouldn’t make it, most of the roads are closed due to the flooding from ex-cyclone.

Every night it takes me hours to get to sleep, I cuddle the spare pillow but it’s missing his smell, his body heat, just all round it’s not comparison to him.
Every second of the day I think about what he’s doing, hope that he is missing me just as much.

I am glad that while I am away I get to stay with my parents. At least I can feel safe, supported and understood while i have to deal with being away from my future husband for 8 weeks. It’s not even 1 full week yet.


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