Today I’m posting on the go as I have a super busy and long day at work.

Continuing from my last post about my relationship I thought I would give an update. In the last few days I have gotten the worst cold of my life. A head cold that is testing the strength between us. Ontop of being sore and tired from work I have had aching muscles, blocked and runny nose, yes! At the same time. How is this possible !!! The poor man has been listening to me whine his name for anything from tissues to cuddles and to make me a toastie every five minutes.

My dog of course has not left my side the little gorgeous being. My fiancé is doing so well putting up with me. I also want to make the most of the time we can spend together at the moment because from tomorrow I will be else where for work while my store is closed. 8 weeks! Long time to be away from my fiancé 😦

If he can put up with me during this he can literally handle me at any time. I think after this he deserves 8 weeks of not having to share the tv, the bed, Netflix, the Xbox but has to make his own dinners. I don’t know how he will survive haha

Just one reason why I have so much appreciation for this man.