Is Perfect A Thing?

I want to help…
I know I am super young but I feel I have an amazing relationship with my fiancé. We have both worked extremely hard to have the type of open relationship that we do.

Without a doubt communication is the most important thing. Not just knowing what to say and when to say it but how to talk to one another on a daily basis.
My fiancé and I are very different people; yet almost the exact same. In his personal life he is quiet and timid, forgiving and nurturing, positive and supportive. When he is at work he is assertive, bold, very black and white in his orders and a natural leader. I admire both sides of his personality. The thing that took the longest time for me and the hardest was identifying the two different sides to him. I had to understand each trait for what it was exactly and why he did it, how it benefited him and how it made him feel.

To me talking and communicating are two very different forms. You talk to a customer your serving and a telemarketer on the phone. You should be connecting with your spouse, or friend, lover, family whoever it may be. Communicate and understand, really listen not just hear and respond.

Understanding yourself plays a huge part in your side of any relationship. You must learn to understand your own thoughts, feelings as well as your needs and wants in everyday life. My thought process is not so much about big picture wants but on this day what do I need from this or what do I want to come from this.
Take the time to know you. Not your material things but the traits you bring to others. What do you want to leave behind with a person after that meeting?

Because of this and a million other reasons I believe we have the best perfect relationship for who we are. As individuals and together as one. We take the time to understand one other and each of our quirks and emotions.

Much like myself I’m going to make this short and sweet. There will be more around this topic soon, I feel I have soooo much to share.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at
You have no idea how much I would love to hear from you!


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