Growing Up

I know it has been so long since I blogged. Even after saying I would be back the day after my last post, to be honest when mum and dad went back home Sunday I slept my day away. I needed it.

The first time I realised I was growing up and genuinely felt like an adult was the day I saw my best friend get married. I stood beside my friend of 20 years as she exchanged vows and made promises to her life partner. The moment hit me like a tonne of bricks, all of a sudden I had to hold myself together, there was a split second I had to think about food just so I wouldn’t interrupt the ceremony with a loud sob.
NO! I lie… yes I calmed myself and then it hit me at this moment but the very first time I took a second to process what was happening today was when we were about to leave the house, getting some last photos. My best friend and her mum (my 2nd mum) got a photo together and I stood there capturing it in my mind. I looked at her mum and started to cry “my sister is getting married” I said to her. I could not hold back the tears; and then the ceremony happened.

As I was standing up there listening to the I do’s I couldn’t help but look at Luke and know there is no one I would rather share this moment with than him. Not only did I get to share this moment with my best friend but also the man I want for my life. I felt nothing but joy for her and her new husband and super excited for their future together.

So much has happened since then; Lukes’ sister had a baby boy as did my older sister, my best friend (as previously mentioned) had her second boy, my boss literally just had her first child, Both older sisters bought a house each and we are getting married this year and possibly buying ourselves a house. GOSH! Time is flying, have to remember to stop and smell the baked goods.

I love baked goods.


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