Far From Normal

The editors have come up with a great workbook. Everyday I have something new to write about. Hopefully this will kick-start my habit of documenting my thoughts to write each and every day and to open my mind to what I feel is stupid babble. Exactly like now.

Today… I will tell you at least 6 unique, exciting or just plain odd things about myself.

  1. I enjoy making soy candles. I did have a small business for a while which I loved. I went to the markets every month, I went to girls night in events and I had regular clients. I stopped all that when I chose to move 3 hours away to further my career. Every now and then I make a few for myself.
  2. I can read upside down. I don’t know how I learnt this but when I need to it comes in handy.
  3. I am what some people call an owl profile. I love facts and figures, spreadsheets. I love planning trips out with time frames and map out activities. It is a blessing and a curse. I can plan my ass off when it’s needed (like my wedding) but also because of wanting everything scheduled so perfectly it causes over thinking, unjustified stress and worry and disappointment when there is a curve ball. That’s life, there will always be curveballs. I’m okay with that.
  4. I know like 9/10 females say this but I genuinely find it hard to accept a compliment. C’mon, I’m 23 with braces, glasses, I have constant pimples (I’m attacking like a rash) and I am uncontrollably skinny. It crushes me when someone makes a comment that I need to eat more. Trust me, I spend a lot of food on groceries and it doesn’t go to the dog. I understand there are people who have it way worse than myself but this has been a battle to accept myself so it sometimes takes me days even weeks to get over a comment that someone thought was hilarious but actually cut me deep.
    Going deeper… I went to visit my parents a few weekends ago. As usual we went out for dinner at the local tavern. This time we had a few other family members join us whom we are quite close with. During dinner I had to pee so I excused myself. When I came back one of these family members decided to announce to the whole table, and I quote “she’s back to finish her dinner after throwing the first half up” I was actually so offended I couldn’t say anything. I just sat and stared. Little did they know I actually had to pee every 20 minutes because I had a bladder infection not to throw up my food. For the rest of the night I just sat and kept to myself, I didn’t finish my meal, I didn’t even finish my glass of water. I actually feared my own family thinking I would do this to myself. It’s not even about what it is. This is the fact that someone thinks it is their business to say this in front of others.
  5. Moving forward, I am double jointed in my thumbs.
  6. I have three blank journals I write random crap and thoughts in, two planners, 4 calendars (2 in my phone) and a scheduled note pad. I have never said all that out loud before :/
  7. I’m going into bed now to seduce my fiancé so I can make him look at wedding stuff with me. We are down to finer details. woohoo (:
  8. When I started writing this about 30 minutes ago, this is not where I saw it going. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “Far From Normal

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  1. I’m 30 with braces, glasses and no more pimples as I did a course of accutane but I feel ya! I was also like you at 23, I was super skinny regardless of what I ate. The comments about bulimia – joking or not were not appreciated as I did have disordered eating when I was younger. It’s incredibly hurtful, especially when it comes from family. As easy as it sounds, try not to worry about it. If you know that you’re doing ok that’s all that matters. Its really nobody else’s business unless you choose to involve them in it.
    But if you do want to learn to take compliments all you need to do to start is smile (genuinely) and say thank you. You don’t need to pay a compliment back, you don’t need to make excuses. Just a smile and a thank you!


  2. You are so kind for taking the time to write to me. Thank you so much. I will listen to your advice and promise to work on it as hard as I can. I feel everyday I grow a little more and become happier just by choosing who I surround myself with. Again thank you for the connection (:


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