Savings On My Wedding

I feel like I’m winning at this wedding planning stuff.

Venue is a resort where we are staying as well as a nice restaurant we can hold a cocktail style reception- saving big $$ with no bar because it’s a morning ceremony and no sit down meal just canapés and refreshments. No decor needed or music- it’s already there. PLUS! we get a free nights stay.
We are hiring a few ceremony pieces from them for only $300. (arch, chairs, shepherd hooks.
Borrowing lanterns from friend. Getting driftwood from the beach.
Saved $50 with the celebrant because it’s a weekday wedding and she comes with the signing table and chairs.
No bridal party- huge savings and much less stress.
Dress- only $150. it’s just a simple dress from Bardot. Perfect for me.
My shoes were on sale for $40 as they were end of season.
Found a necklace on sale- $6.
Fiancés ring I talked it down to $350.
Makeup artist only $100 because it’s just me.

To be confirmed…

Only things I am not settling for is the photographer who is also a friend, I have complete faith in her.
The cake we have only just decided we want to do because we didn’t realise how much under budget this would all happen.
And the hairdresser I am yet to visit and trial.
These things I think are the most important and you cannot put a price on these that can ruin your day.

Without going into nitty-gritty dollar details our wedding has only cost $3000.
Weddings can be affordable! Only 5 and a bit months but who’s counting? (:


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