Happily Ever After

Warning! Real relationship stuff here…

Happily ever after doesn’t mean the same to every person. For me it is exactly what I have.

I have a partner I can truly be myself with. I can go without makeup, not wear a bra. I can burp and fart in front of him. You know what sometimes I’m sick and do a smelly poo. He also has no shyness with me. Sometimes we discuss if it’s meant to be this easy to be with each other but we shrug it off and stop comparing to others.

One of the most popular clichés I hear is “I’m dating my best friend” If they’re not your best friend are you even dating?
How can you love someone or expect someone to love you if you can’t be real with them. If there is no foundation of any type of relationship it definitely cannot grow to love.

Luke and I met at school when we were 12, the year of turning 13. We became friends because he saw my star wars pencil cases. He thought woah! I like star wars too, we must be the same. Our friend groups ended up meshing together and we were all regular handball players. We were normal friends for a long time, knowing each others likes and dislikes, mood swings, seeing one another on good and bad days; just always being ourselves. From those connections we had heightened feelings for each other; there started the next phase of our friendship.

To this day we still connect with those same likes and hobbies and we are continuously learning new things about our other halves. We find it amazing that we can talk about high school and share those memories together, more than just listening to his good old days. I feel important to his past and it makes me feel even more special when he talks about our future. I mean it when I say I am marrying my best friend. The friend that I go to when I need to talk or cry or even gossip to. The friend I make plans with when I need a night out or need to see a chick flick at the movies, he usually is the one to plan that in advance because he knows me better than I know myself.

Every single being here deserves a happily ever after and I know I am living mine. I hope to encourage others who need help finding theirs. I am no expert but I am real and I am here to help you.

Remember to love yourself first (:



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