A Bird In the Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

I consider myself extremely lucky to be on the career path that I am. I am only 23 years old and have been a manager in retail for two years now. I was very young and vulnerable when I began in this company.

When I moved to another state at just 19 years old I had nothing. No drivers license, no car, no belongings, just a dog and a boyfriend (Luke) moving into a room at my step dads house.
It took me 3 weeks to get my job as a casual retail sales assistant in a clothing store.
Not long after starting that job my step dad spoke about wanting to sell his house because he and my mother were getting back together so they wanted a house that was theirs. Luke and I had to make the decision to get our own place. Obviously both of us only working as casual it wasn’t going to be easy. Luke was a night-time supervisor at a super market which was good pay and decent hours. I on the other hand was working 3 hour shifts only 2-3 times a week. I started freaking out about having to get a place and money has always been something I worried about. I spoke to my manager about needing more hours but they could not help me much which I understood. Across from the store was a butcher shop that could offer me fulltime hours and 6 days a week. I was torn between what I love and what was needed.

Luke being ever so supportive put in the hard yards at his job so I could keep the one I wanted. He understood that even though right now it couldn’t provide us a life it had the potential to. It was a company that offered growth, experience and a lifestyle I couldn’t be more perfect for.
Soon after that I was promoted and then went into a bigger store leading a more diverse team.
I am still in this company today and everyday thank my mentors for all the opportunities I almost turned away from. I have become a strong leader, dependable team member, mentor to others and continue to coach and better myself to better others as well as providing the best customer service the company expects daily. I work to my maximum every day and there is no one more proud of myself than me. I mostly thank Luke for believing in me and helping me clear my path to my true happiness.


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