Baby – Daily Prompt

So many babies in my life.

The first one to enter my life is my fur baby. Four little legs, a cute little wet nose, two gorgeous big brown eyes, a tail that could cut your leg off when she’s excited and outrageous, fluffy black and white coat.

Working in retail and one of the things I sell in my store is thongs (flip-flops, sandals if you’re not Aussie) every single day I have a customer come in and buy a new pair because their dog chewed up their good ones.

I wish they all had a dog like mine. She has never chewed an item other than her toys. She loves to snuggle whether we’re on the couch or like at the moment in bed. She is a mix between jack Russell and Maltese and it couldn’t be more perfect. She was the runt of the litter and the only mix colour. When we bought her home she had a funny head; it was black all over with a white Mohawk until her first haircut, it never came back. That’s when we noticed her piercing eyes.

She has just turned 7 years young but has more attitude than a 15-year-old teenage girl who can’t hang out with her friends on a summers Saturday night. That attitude was heightened when we taught her how to talk. Obviously not human talking but it is impossible to get her to shut up. If she doesn’t want to do something I say like stop chasing the neighbours ducks and chickens along the fence she will definitely protest and usually ends up in me getting her a treat.
My equal #1 is my fiancé.

We met at age 13 during our first year of high school. We had English together and from the moment he saw my Star Wars pencil cases he decided he wanted to be my friend. We had a little romance; as you do at that fun age, that was only a little over a year before I had to move away. I moved up the coast and at the time I didn’t know he moved down the coast two years later.

Few years later we found each other on Facebook and every now and then would chat to catch up. We were both in relationships by this time and our partners did not seem to like it so we kept our chats short and sweet, no funny business just friends checking in.

Soon after that I moved back home because the relationship ended. Due to a silly message thing on Facebook we reconnected and could not stop talking to one another. He had also just ended his relationship so finally got to be ourselves. Even though living hours from the other we managed to see each other every weekend. Mainly because he would drive to pick me up and take me home or sometimes I would ride the train for half the trip.

Fast forward we spent five long years apart and somehow we found each other. We have now been together four years and are getting married in august on our five-year anniversary.

He is the gorgeous soul that keeps me sane. It also makes me want to pull my hair out. He fills me with all the love and joy I ever wanted, he supports me in every dream I have and is always there to celebrate my accomplishments. He keeps me driven and grounded throughout my career. I love when he challenges me and we have to make our discussions high school debate style.

I feel like I just rambled on about stuff that only matters to me but whatever it may be I am putting it out there, mainly because I love telling our story, it still gives me butterflies.




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