Part #1: Loss

Let us get serious for a moment. We have all come accross loss in our lives. We don’t need the sympathy to be passed around on a chip and dip platter rather we should empathise with those around us to understand that everyones loss is different.






Today I just want to skim a loss of mine. It is deep and recent.
I lost my teddy bear.

When I was quite young, ball park of 7-9 years old, my primary school ran an easter fair annually and had a number of cute little stalls. I addopted a teddy bear and called him the very original name ‘Fluffy’. For many years he was my favourite toy and I still had him up until recently at the ages of 23.
When I saw him and gave him a cuddle he reminded me to relive all the exciting times in my childhood and remember to be vulnerable and trust, after all he did know all my secrets and stuck around.

For a really long time he was packed in a box in my mothers storage shed until I got settled in a house and I got back all my childhood toys. I was devastated to discover the shed had a leak and the box he was in was ruined; barely together and the toys were covered in dirt and bugs, wet patches all over and I couldn’t bare the thought of all things growing inside of him.

So came the day I had to say goodbye and not a day or three go by that I don’t think about Fluffy.

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