Iconic Songs In My Life

Continuing this writing 101 challenge next up is most important songs in my life.

I don’t know how a song can be most important to someone but I definitely have some that bring back some memories. Woah!

Elvis- A little less conversation.
This takes me back to my childhood, my very young adorable days where I could get away with anything. You know what I mean.
When I hear and even just think about this song it first takes me back to my living room in Brennan Place. I cannot even pin point an age because this was usual. Mum and I home alone together suppose to be doing housework but we put this on and dance until we have no breath left in us. We would both have our long hair up in a high bun with the big scrunchies. Just this house alone has so many memories. This is the house we lived in when my mother and step-dad were first together, engaged to be exact. This is where my step-dad and I really started our relationship (the kind that feels weird calling him my step-dad right now. From now on he’s just dad! My dad!) This is the house we rode our new bikes, got some pets and then ‘they ran away’ (apparently). This is also the house that happen to be two houses up from the amazing woman who I call my best friend. We met when we were 3 years young and are almost 24 so we are about to hit 21 years of friendship. I don’t know how she has put up with me to be honest.

I am getting way off topic now…

Grease- The whole soundtrack.
After mum and dad split up we obviously moved out, so different house on the other side of town. For one of my birthdays my dad bought me the Grease movie. I Remember the photo mum took that day, I can’t even remember why I was so excited to have it. I’m thinking maybe I saw it on TV with him and loved it, I don’t know I come up with all kinds of weird shit. So I got the, ready for it? … VHS of the Grease movie haha yes, VHS!
Today I have such an appreciation for their patience during all those years. They didn’t care how many times I watched it a day and sung along at the top of my lungs. They didn’t care that I could recite every single word as they watched it with me.

At this house on hot summer days (as hot as Sydney western suburbs do get) we would lay a tarp down the little hill in the backyard, soap it up to make a slip n slide. We would blast music from the living room and guess which song would go first? A little less conversation! YES!

I would love to hear some of your favourite songs from your childhood. Comment below or if you would like to chat email me at tazonblog@gmail.com



Dad & I on my birthday. Stuck in the 90’s. Sorry dad, had to share.



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