“A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it, loves it so radically that he remakes it in his own image.” – Joan Didion

If I could be transported anywhere in the world right now there’s only one place I’d choose.
No, it’s not Italy or Paris or Hawaii.

180 degree view of the ocean. The constant sound of waves crashing against the rocks below, the salty air lingering forever, never spoilt. Open ocean to your left and the local beach down below to your right. Just in front is the light house with its lamp going around for the sea adventurers.
Turn around to see the whole town as it glistens at night. The steelworks illuminated with their orange lights but dim compared to the house holds still up. From up here it looks like a tiny galaxy in the palm of my hands. Still but full of movement, at peace but conflicted.
360 degree view of my happiest place.

This is not just a magically enriched moment to be apart of. This place makes me feel at peace, grounded yet full of dreams, the little fish in a big pond that is actually connected.
This place became so special to me at the same time in my life I was changing the most. A friendship was repairing, relationships were ending and we together were growing from it. A friend and I were becoming quite close and when visiting them this place is where I liked to go first. To clear my mind and focus on my strengths and who I am and what I wanted. This became our usual go to spot for ‘us’ time, it later became the place I asked him to be a more permanent part of my life, my boyfriend. A few years later this is where he proposed to me.

Each time I visit I get a rush of memories and feelings, the moments taken place here, even the little ones, make our relationship so unique that no one will ever understand what we have. We have shared many tears and laughs up on this lookout and I look forward to sharing and adding to the moments with our family one day.


If you would like to share your favourite place with me please comment below (: