With the help of ‘The Daily Post’ on I am going to see where my not-so relevant writing can take me. I have set myself the challenge that i will complete this book to help with writing over the next 20 days.

My first task is to write for 20 minutes about absolutely anything, whether it makes sense or even complete, I guess so far this counts as writing time.

While I’ve got some spare time at my finger tips maybe I will share a few things about myself.
I work in retail and am currently a store manager. Saying currently makes me feel like I give the impression I plan to move up or down or side to side but that is not the case. I say currently because obviously I have not always been a store manager and who knows if I always will be. I love the challenge of being better at what I do and with the right guidance I know I have the potential to be better.
I 100% love the company I work for and owe them so much. To me they are ‘them’ because I mean the real people who do the hard yards for the business, the real humans that I have had the pleasure to meet and spend time with and my mentors along the way.

Another fact, having braces is actually the best thing I’ve ever done. Why did I not do this years ago? I know my mum feels bad for not being able to afford my braces when I was a kid. Thank fuck for that because guaranteed I would not have appreciated them, I wouldn’t have worn my retainer and I would have wasted thousands of my mothers hard-earned money. I waited until I was an adult and no longer could I stand being self conscious and I remember thinking to myself one day if I get married am I ready to ruin my forever photos by not smiling with teeth? My answer was yes. I was prepared to ruin my husbands wedding photos because of my own self concious behaviour. It was not this thought that made me decide to get braces but it’s the one I remember most because it reminds me of how selfish I was to the love of my life (not that he existed yet)

I enjoy making candles. I make soy candles and melts in my own home. I ran my own little business for about 18 months. I went to the local markets, girls night in events, made good connections through my retail job, got a great client base and it was decent side money to just keep my hobby going. I then got a great opportunity to move forward in my career and unfortunately doesn’t leave much time for making candles, but I make them for myself when I can and know that one day I can always pick it up again. I have always wanted to be a stay-at-home mum or  more present mom (working casually in my words) to spend more time with kids so it’s a great thing to keep as a hobby.

That’s my 20 minutes…


OUT! (:


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