Well hello there,

It has been way to long and I have no one to blame but myself. The past few months i have felt so drained and stupid, just full of stupid shit not worth talking about.

This year will be different. I don’t want to sound like ‘New year, New me’ people because I am actually okay with who i am. No fitness goals over here! Extra fries not exercise haha. I just feel so ready for the new year. Literally bring it on! I have been writing 2017 all week. READY!

Here’s how ready I am…
Life diary – CHECK
Work diary – CHECK
Empty cork board – CHECK
Calender – CHECK

Decorated and all. Any one that really knows me will already guess I have all new pens, to-do pads, stickers and bulldog clips too (:
SIDE NOTE #1: One of the first things i learnt from Leonie Dawson (absolute goddess) was when you have goals don’t just set and forget. How you can actually make it happen is by making achievables/actionables. If i want to do something big then i have to move my ass and get shit done. So i have shared a pic with just a quick few and i hope they help you.

But, It’s not just having all this that makes me keen. In my diary I already have birthdays written in AND… two months in advance is a note to buy a present in that month and the month before is a reminder to send the present so it gets to them in time. See, I’m so ready.

YET ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: I felt like a real adult when I went shopping the other day into a store that’s sadly closing down and after a good 45 mins in there i had 3 outfits head to toe picked out for the kiddies in the family only to realise they all live down south and i got them summer outfits for the middle of winter. Go dickhead; so i gave up; for now ! but i enjoyed my solid 45 mins of being an adult.

This year I have promised myself to not miss out, especially on the local things we maybe took for granted last year and always made the excuse there’s no money or we’re working too much because it’s a bunch of crap. Yes we do work a lot but for what? we should have seen Carl Barron when we had the chance.
So we have lunged at opportunities that have risen like The Rubens and Nitro Circus.

Not only all this that money can buy but we have 3 nephews turning the big boy 1. YAY!
and to top it off WE ARE GETTING MARRIED IN AUGUST. As of tomorrow I can finally say it’s this year no more next year and it feeling like light years away, it’s actually creeping up way too quickly.

My point to this was that I have finally figured out how to be organised my way and that is to plan my life two months in advance, spend my money on tickets before anything else so i don’t miss out and remember to make myself happy first; no matter what it takes.

Hopefully I’ll be back very soon.
If you want to get in contact tazonblog@gmail.com

HAPPY NEW YEAR [insert balloons] *jokes;off to bed*