The weather is horrible for most people at the moment but I looooove the cold and rain. It has taken almost all of my strength to not waste my day staring out the window watching my front yard flood.

I thought of a few things I can do today being i am usually more energised on days like this rather than hot, sticky days and therefore more productive.

  1. Sort the files – going from 3 file folders to a two draw file cabinet. Happy days!! all that sorting and labelling, actually loving it. Don’t kid yourself, you know there are things in your office that need a better place or follow-up. Do it slowly today to save you time and stress another day when you have much less time.
  2. Make a good ol’ crock pot – when you want to relax all day but have a big winter dinner get that slow cooker on! Because I work fulltime i hate coming home to spend almost an hour cutting veggies and all that so i have started prepping them by putting them in jars and either freezing until needed or straight in the fridge to use within a few days.  I cannot count the time this has saved me. Tonight we are having shanks, it took me literally 2 mins to put all the veggies and sauces in and 10 mins to brown the shanks, so 12 mins to get dinner on. NOT EVEN KIDDING! Now I’m writing this while enjoying a movie with my fiance and our dog Ellie.
  3. Get out your nanas tea pot – While sitting here literally as I am typing and watching ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ i am enjoying a beautiful pot of tea, yes all to myself. Nothing special but it warms my insides, keeps me relaxed and calm and i love tea.
  4. Unpack some old candles – These days are the best to burn candles because the scent can linger for much longer than a hot day. I doubt you have windows open so a soft scent will instantly change the mood in your home. I am currently burning my own Tigerlily Blossom. AMAZING!Sit back, relax and enjoy a day to yourself or a day with the family. It doesn’t have to be in front of the telly or outside, we’re about to bust out the cards and go old school.
    If you want to share your top tips for a rainy day please let me know at or comment below (:

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