Last night was my future sister-in-laws wedding.
It was the most beautiful ceremony and perfect day. Literally nothing went wrong, how many people can say that?

Now, I consider us very close, she is without a doubt one of the best people i have ever known. But this isn’t about that…
I am actually so happy she never picked me to be a bridesmaid for her. I got to do things so much more meaningful to me.
With my story I want other women who get a little upset or angry about the situation that it seriously is not the worst feeling. Being a complete waste of time for the bride is!
It began months ago when I was having a routine monthly visit i got to write on her invitations envelopes with names and address-it was a small task that i knew meant a lot to them.
By this time they found out a little bundle of joy was about to enter their lives, it didn’t take them long to decide a naming ceremony on their wedding day will be a perfect addition with all the family here. And so I also got to be there the day they picked their jars and some sand for the godparents.

There may have been some more things but I don’t remember a lot from last week so moving on…
Yesterday, the big day! I dropped the mother of the bride to the bridal room to get ready with her daughter. I went back home, got myself half ready and picked up some food platters to take back to the bridal room to make sure everyone ate and plenty of water of course. Baby boy was snoring away as mum and her bridesmaids got hair and makeup – I was there to take care of him when mum was busy but he was so perfect there was no need for me, but i was there anyway.
It was the final hour and everyone was getting super excited and getting dressed, it was time for grandmas last-minute hugs and kisses. I quickly got changed and got to the ceremony area with the music playlist. YES! I was in charge of selecting the right music at the right time and making it as natural and relaxing as possible. Needless to say after all my stress and a little bit of lost sleep NAILED IT. After the bride and groom were first announced as MR & MRS I played the last song and could finally breath easy and enjoy that moment with them.

See, I really didn’t do a lot but by the end of the night and waking up this morning i feel like i really helped make a difference with their perfect day.
So the next time you get upset because your best friend, sister-in-law, cousin, aunt, niece doesn’t ask you to be in the bridal party, remember there are so many more important things you can help with to make a difference.



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