Holiday Do’s & Don’ts

Whether it’s a little getaway, family reunion, girls weekend or in my case a wedding up north that has brought two families together from all places along the east coast of Aus you obviously have to make the most of it.

Monday morning it was officially holiday time so on the drive up here i got out my fantastic bullet journal for a few brain dumps on some minor and major do’s and don’ts for this holiday. I wanted to set myself up to succeed and have not only an enjoyable holiday for myself and my fiance but to make sure i was a joy to be around with the family, one thing i didn’t want to be was the person everyone silently complained about and didn’t want to be with.

*Be present in all moments.
Whether it’s playing cards, watching the baby sleep or joining in the conversation, be there! also in spirit, there is nothing worse than sitting at the table while everyone is having some laughs and your body sits there but your mind is drifting to other things out of your control or worse, stressing about what you can’t change.

*Be genuinely interested in other people.
This is our family we are spending a whole week with and we haven’t seen them since november last year so there is a lot to catch up on. Without being rude ask questions to either get to know them or catch up on events and ideas you’s maybe texted or spoken about previously.

*Express gratitude.
Show your support when someone helps you out or they do something for the house hold like dishes, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom 6 adults are sharing lol. A simple thank you or doing something in return is usually enough.

Be courteous if friends and family don’t like swearing-don’t do it. If there are people who don’t smoke-don’t do that either. This isn’t a don’t though this is about making it a comfortable environment for everyone.

No complaining about how boring it is when you’re sitting around having a chat. Think about what you’ll be like when you go home, complain again about how much you miss them, how you’d give anything to be with them again. So take advantage and relax as much as possible, how long until you see them again?

*Pick fights
If someone is annoying you be mature about it and talk to them in private to get it over with. Do not let it stir inside you and explode when they just walk by. Trust me you’re making it worse for everyone. Also don’t bitch behind people backs because you’re annoyed or they said some goss, chances are everyone already knows.

Some activities I plan on completing while on  holidays…
*skateboarding – Oh boy! it has been years. Better buy a helmet.
*Paddle boarding – this is on my 2016 bucket list. I am hoping the wakeboarding place in front of us hires these out. wakeboarding is not on my list because someone has to video the fiance and uncle failing for our holiday memories.
*Meditation – my mother in law is amazing with guided meditations and as soon as she completes her training she will be feature on my blog. (very soon)
*fishing -must have! but I must admit it will be sad without my dad.
*Ping pong – Baker family tournament. BRING IT ON!
*walk – a good walk to free the mind and a closer view of my fiance wakeboarding.

I hope these either help you at your next family event or holiday or makes you want to plan a reunion.
Let me know how you go at



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