To anyone still reading my blog,

I know i have been super quiet lately. I feel maybe i’m putting too much pressure on myself to actually write some good stuff but as i’m typing this i’m remembering that i didn’t start this for anyone, i started this for me, for all my busy days that i want to vent or my funny ones i want to share even though almost all of them are those ‘had to be there’ moments and for all my brain dumps.
I do want to write about stuff that will excite, inspire and maybe even educate (one day) anyone willing to give me a self-esteem boost by reading, commenting and sharing what they read here.

I have started a new project called ‘The Bullet Journal’ but i’m still researching and working on mine. This thing is amaze-balls! so i want to inspire as many people as i can to try it.

Have been on holidays for 3 days now and i only just start to feel my head clearing so i am looking forward to relaxing some more, my back to stop aching for a few hours hoping i can go for a good run, meditate or something to help me focus.

This is the absolute last post i am sharing before it becomes just some diary entries.

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