Get Creative

Every now and then I get a little frustrated with myself for reasons I can’t even recognise and just feel like i need to clear my head and do something pretty.

So, it was mothers day sunday and I decided to treat myself with a splurge shop at TYPO, straight to the DIY section and I found the next love of my life.
Who doesn’t love a dream catcher right? I know !

There was actually more to it than I thought, which I thought was a great thing. It also gives you plenty of decorative things so i got to go pretty crazy with it, you can go as big or little as your heart desires and obviously one of my mottos “Go big or go home” (haha) so funny!

I thought I would share some pics of my creation when complete…

Here is their example:  cute right?!

And everything it comes with…
*2 rings(18cm & 10cm)
*1 wooden stick approx 35cm
*30m of jute twine
*5m blue trim
*5m white trim
*5m bronze colour trim
*1 lace centre panel
*5m white lace trim
*30 wooden beads
*20 feathers
*1 instruction sheet


First covered the 18cm ring with the jute twine. Not going to lie, this step was quite a laugh (at first for my partner but I eventually got passed the frustration)
The difficult part for adding the lace centre was not missing a loop, which I did almost every time.
Once this part was done the real fun began. Get the beads, string, lace and feathers out and go B.A.N.A.N.A.S!

I added some things that mean a little something to me.
I actually used jute string from candles I’ve made myself when I had my own little business, I added feathers that i have had for years and even though i don’t remember where i got them I’ve been carrying them for a long time so I’m sure one day i will remember why they’re so important. My mother in law gave me a beautiful fairy sun catcher, it is too precious to hang outside, now i finally have somewhere perfect for it to hang.
Finally, I bought myself a mother’s day gift (because my baby has four legs and fur) and the pink ribbon wrapped that gift. OK lets not kid ourselves; I bought another mug. Actually two and a frame)

At the end of the night… yes it literally took me hours; I enjoyed the time I let my mind wander off and just relaxed, i didn’t worry about it being perfect or the time as it drifted by (anyone who knows me well knows how difficult that is for me, 90% of the things i do are planned out in time frames, lame!)

I guess my point to all of this is that on a whim I felt creative, that feeling gave me a thought about what I can do about it, i put that thought into action; IT’S THAT EASY! JUST DO IT! While making this dream catcher i realised there are so many other things i can do to keep my mind clear when i get a little flustered, i have started a new project but it will be a surprise in about a years time.


I would love to see some of your DIY ! Anything at all send them through to

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