My Little Fishing Weekend


Yes, it’s sunday (i think) but my holidays have just started. We decided to head out-of-town, spur of the moment (what’s new) and met my parents in Tannum Sands. Our usual BBQ and as dad calls it his Bogan salad. Doesn’t get better! Although we were not staying at the caravan park so off we went to Boyne Island across the bridge and slept in the back of the VW by the water and for a while listened to the music from the carnival going on.

Woke up to the view of the river leading into the ocean just as the sun was coming up, it was such a beautiful time of day and the air was crisp and salty.
Shortly after we are on the boat and the competition begins. In our family obviously the biggest fish wins but it’s also a big thing to get the first catch and if it doesn’t get on the boat it doesn’t count; you may be surprised at how often this happens.
Sometimes it can get too competitive and there’s a lot of tension if the one person keeps catching fish and no one else is but that’s why I’m around, to be the idiot of the gang and keep everyone cracking up at my stupidity.

By the end of the day mum caught a decent flounder, Luke also got a small flounder, dad lucked out but he always has tomorrow and myself you ask? well my luck continues with another hammer-head shark… on my hand line (: #dadsproud. DO NOT BE ALARMED all fish were returned to the water alive and swam away like normal although my little shark did eat the hook pretty well he seemed to be fine as he swam off strongly.
Here are a few photos from my weekend…

Tonight we are back home and tomorrow off to Mackay to meet Lukes’ first nephew… the family is growing so fast. We need to remember to stop and really be present in these moments. It’s not enough just to remember what you did and who was there but in a few years time and you’re telling the story don’t you want to feel those feelings again? The excitement, the hurt, the atmosphere. Cherish and make the most of these moments that in a split second become just memories for the rest of our lives. Close your eyes and open your heart, take it all in, not just the words but the meaning and feelings behind them.
Make some calls, send some letters, pass on some photos to the family you don’t see often.

I hope you (who ever you are still reading my posts) are having a great long weekend and cherish what is left.
Until next time… Taz


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