Job vs Career

Job vs Career …
Do you know the difference?
Do you feel like you’re stuck in a dead end job?

For myself, i have been in one and currently in the other. Can you guess which state of mind i am in? …. YES! i am fulfilling my life in my career WOOHOO !!

Lets see where this goes;
Do you enjoy getting up each morning to go to work?
Do you look forward to or 100% accept challenges in your work?
Perhaps you can’t see the positive things within your team, your tasks or workplace?
Pretty much if you do not enjoy what you’re doing then guess what? … YOU HAVE YOURSELF A SHITTY JOB.

If you’re unhappy then congratulations you’re making everyone around you miserable. This kind of behaviour is actually contagious; think about it, you’re alarm didn’t go off, traffic was like normal only you were behind time so you didn’t get to grab your coffee, you walk into work grumpy, tired, annoyed. Who do you blame? EVERYONE ELSE!! what have they done to you? They didn’t break your alarm, they didn’t make all the lights red. You say “Not my fault! my alarm didn’t go off the stupid thing, so much traffic i couldn’t avoid it and i haven’t had my coffee yet.” Literally playing the blame game here.
You have now set a really negative energy in your workplace and other team members feel that and let it influence them, believe it or not customers are human too and SURPRISE! you now have low energy, unhappy customers, possibly customers who feel uncomfortable and won’t come back. GREAT JOB on creating missed opportunities and missed sales.

Lets go again:
Do you bounce into work, excited for the day?
Excited about all of the new people you will meet?
Thrive on the challenges that lie ahead to test your knowledge and experience?
Are you happy to accept and own your mistakes today?
(BTW mistakes=growth)
Are you genuinally happy with your life, your work and yourself?

Well then you have a very high chance you’ve got yourself a promising career (: CONGRATS!

I can only speak for myself when i say i absolutely love what i do.
Yes, i get tired from staying up too late, i get exhausted because even though i’m young i work alot and get burnt out pretty quick.
But, i also love getting in there and challenging myself on getting more stuff done than yesterday, meeting all the wonderfull people i do each day(in this way it’s not just saying hi to someone new who walks in i learn how to connect with different personalities, each morning i think of a question i have never asked someone and i set out to learn something new about someone that i have built trust with), learning something new every day and admittedly i make ALOT of mistakes, it’s more of a daily accurance but each day i learn from that and grow as a person and a retail manager.

If you feel you’re on the wrong stepping stone in your career maybe it’s time to  look at what you can do to change that. Go back to my post about creating a vision board. Set out what you want to do and think of very simple ways to acheive that. Write lists or create a board with pictures, what ever creates meaning for you, what ever will make you happier now and later. Put this into motion now and start ticking things off your life goals list, you will thank yourself later when you accomplish your big scary dream.

There is nothing wrong with sticking in your current money making ‘job’ and studying for your bigger dream. Be on the same page with your boss though, if you only want this job for rent and study fair enough but make it clear to your manger that you intend to one day follow a different path, honesty goes a long way with anyone.

I honestly cannot remember if this was the whole intention on this post but here it is… if you have read any of my other posts i hope i make sense to you, i hope you understand my points, i hope you continue to read what i have to say and i hope to one day hear from you; i welcome all types of feedback.

My promise to you is that i will keep trying and i will get better.
Taz OUT ! (:


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