Follow up: Vision Board#1

How are all your vision/dream boards coming?

Have you written your plans?
Have you even thought about it?
Yes, No ?

It’s one thing to have a think, even plan it out but it is a great power to actually DO it. Get in touch with your creative fairies and do something for yourself, something that makes you happy, makes you feel warm and fuzzy and may even get you places in life whether physically or emotionally. 

I would love to share with you some inspiration boards from my mother in law…


This one is for her current life coaching. Yes, she is now certified to help in all aspects of your life.YAY!  This is a great example of a visionary; it has powerful words as a quick refernce and some great text that speaks out to her personally. This hangs in her office where she spends most of her days, it is also her creative room so as she works away on many other things through the day it always feels like a productive,positive day. The energy that fills this room is so electric and contagious.


The second is for her current study of meditation.
Again powerfull words that call to her. You can see this is more about how she wants to feel; being in nature, experiencing the beauty that surrounds her to feel the beauty within her.

Now you have seen a few examples, mine follow more to my dreams and aspirations, what i would want out of life where as my mother in law likes to feel the present and live in the present and as a life coach and meditation mentor i can understand why that is important to her; as she has told me once before it is all about understanding yourself, your feelings, thoughts and connecting with yourself.

I look forward to the day of sharing all her knowledge with any of you still paying attention to me.
Any questions, comments or ideas please send them through to

Thank you and good night (: (:



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