Vision Board #1

You can use a vision board for absolutely anything you want ! Your dreams, thoughts, who you are, who you aspire to be… literally anything YOU want.

I moved postcodes last October so I did throw my little one away, i decided i would make another for my right now dreams to share with you. 

My vision board is for the next five years, with so much happening in the family i need to take into account for them too. Mine is not so creative at the moment because i have no ink in my printer so i chose to use a bit of my non-existent artist skills and trace some pictures i wanted to use. I am actually really happy i done it like this to remind myself to let my mind wander.

desk picvision board

I also have a timeline to remind myself things are happening, I admit sometimes I get a little self obsessed; i work hard i deserve it! but i also need to stay realistic for when i want or need things to happen for myself and Luke.
You can see I also have a budget; i like to see this to remember my bigger picture. Do i really want to go out to dinner for a second time this week or do i want to put that towards the wedding? if i spend this amount on these items that means i won’t reach my monthly wedding savings and if i don’t reach it for the month then I’ll fall behind and what if when it comes to it i cant afford something last-minute? That is how my mind works… Not for everything but for our wedding YES !!
I am a big picture kind of person, I am also, if you haven’t already guessed, a visual person. I need to see what I’m saving for, see what i’m working for and remember what is at the end of the road.
So vision board #1 is all about what I want for the next five years; holiday, obviously represented by the plane (i am thinking back to Tassie to meet my devil), our wedding represented by the rings, maybe buy a house, another dog and kids.
The best thing about your vision board is that you can change or update it when ever you feel it, get as creative as you feel, you might be all about words and feelings rather than material things.
Now that you have (hopefully) created your dream/vision board my next piece of advice would be to place it somewhere you can see it everyday or at least where you do your work or creative things so you can feel it’s embrace when ever you shall need it.
I hope i have helped or inspired you to create your own dream board whether it be professionally or personally. I am so confident in these because it has helped me do so many things in the last few years. Yes i make it happen but if i don’t dream it, plan it and action it then it just stays a thought and nothing more.
If you want to share yours too then please send them through to with any information you want to share also. By doing so you agree to have your photos and words shared via ‘Two Times In Life’

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