Welcome To Me …

You will learn pretty soon that I am far from average or normal;
whichIMG_1451 ever you prefer.
As of right now I don’t know where i wish this blog to take me or know the lessons along the way, I really don’t even care if anyone but myself and my dog read this, i have no idea what i will write about or can promise how often.

I don’t have many adventures but when I do they are exciting, adventurous and well i enjoy making a fool of myself so most people get a kick out of it as much as i do.
What to look out for… swear words occasionally and maybe a lot, random made up words, incorrect spelling, extremely random stories also there is this silly thing I do called ‘Tazzies’ Adventures’; when i visit a new place (or just the local zoo) i make a fool of myself in a video acting like i know what I’m talking about… far from that i read stuff and act like a goof! My dad is my #1 fan and finds them hilarious, i think he just loves me too much and accepts I’m one of a kind and his.
Tasmania was the best adventure of my life so far… I did make a video when patting kangaroos and feedings of Tassie Devils… but that’s another story (:
This year is going so fast already and I have so much to look forward to… my fiances’ sister will be having her first baby within a few months and then getting married, my older sister will be having her first baby, my best friend of 20 odd years will be having her second baby, my older brother will have his fourth child, my younger brother turns 18 in a week! and i will celebrate being engaged for a whole year ha-ha! i am so excited for all these new adventures for my family and hopefully i can stop being so awkward around kids… i need to nip that in the butt before i start my own family.
My wedding is next year, just had to share that… things do happen for me i just need these pesky braces off first, count down is on for another 12 months 🙂
Stay Tuned Kids…



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