It’s easy to THINK about what you want in life… it’s easy to set goals but what stops us from reaching those goals? fear…judgement?
Fear… of being judged? perhaps fear of rejection or maybe you fear success?  That may not always be a bad thing.
I have literally sat here for four days now trying to complete this blog, i have written countless paragraphs about my growth from different experiences in my life so far but i keep forgetting there is plenty of time for that and what i want is to actually help someone else; it may not be today, tomorrow or this year, i’m just happy to get some stuff out of my head.

How do you feel when you decide on a goal or dream? Pretty excited right? That’s how you should feel ! Everybody has dreams, everyone finds it easy to tell everyone else –  i want a car, family, house, career, holidays – but what do you do after that? keep dreaming?
How do you feel when you reach your deadline and you missed out? You didn’t save enough, you underestimated the stress, perhaps you didn’t time manage yourself to complete it? It’s a pretty horrible feeling right? Who is to blame? YOU !
YOU didn’t budget, YOU didn’t manage YOUR time, maybe you didn’t even set a deadline!
Don’t set a goal without setting an expectation… a realistic expectation. Don’t give yourself a year to save $10,000 if you only make half in that time (you know what i mean)
If you want a girls weekend at the beach then find out how much accommodation is, have a think about the fuel you will need and budget what you need to save in that time. If it’s not going to work for that specific weekend investigate how long it will take you to save that, plus a bit for spending, and try to reschedule. This will eliminate the stress of going bare minimum each pay day. You will then enjoy your weekend 100% more.
*Vision board- pictures of material things i wanted. New car, few dogs, house all that stuff.
*Motivation board- pictures of people who inspire me. Celebrates (professionally) and family/friends,
*Talking! never take advantage of a family member or friend who wants to help understand.
Next post …
My current vision board – how i use it, how it helps me and how you can make your own.
In the meantime think about what you want in life and what you want out of it. How can you help yourself? If life is too scary bring it back to basics – what do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years, 1 year, 6 months even! Take it at your own pace.
Any questions just pop them in the comment section below or via e-mail at (:
P.S – some things to consider to get started on your vision board…


mind map for setting personal life goals


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