My Electronic, Unfiltered, Published Diary


Amateur at life

I have had this blog page over a year and only just starting to understand it all. The posts, my feelings, my thoughts and how to collect and get them out there; sometimes. i’m struggling to find the time these days.

I hope that one day I’ll say the right thing to encourage you, inspire you or even just make you see something from a different point of view.

I’m not here to be a role model or a friend I just so happen to be at this very place where you are – for a reason; that reason is up to you.


– Professional Wedding & Events planner/ coordinator
-Have the most supportive husband
-Reason I am here today- my fur baby (Ellie)
-Brace face *graduated
-Cope with- meditation

– full time stress head

While you are here please help yourself to the pantry and snack on some delicious blogs via the right hand bar or the shelf up top. If you feel like dipping your fingers in the honey pot my email is tazonblog@gmail.com where you can ask me any questions or kinder surprise up a friendship.


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