Life has changed a lot in the last few years.
From working full time as a store manager in retail, to starting a new career and my own business as a wedding & event planner.
Right now i’m running my business, working casual in retail and studying two courses all while becoming a mum and being 100% responsible for a tiny human.

I use to say life gives you nothing but lemons and it’s about learning how to make lemonade. It’s more like always having a rainbow follow you. Literally. I love having my rainbow baby with me every single day.

A little about me/ my life:
As you know, I am a business owner, student, worker and new mumma. Love event and interior design. Big Marvel fan and love me some netflix; Brooklyn nine-nine, gilmore girls, friends and new obsession Lucifer.

I am married to a beautiful man. We met at 11 yrs old in highschool. We share an amazing and unique friendship of 15 years now which all started because of our common interest in Star wars. We have built our first house together and next up want to build a shed house.

We have a dog; she is maltese x jack russell and is 9 years old. Her name is Elmo but we all call her Ellie. She has the sassy personality of a teenager. She is in love with her new human and loves to challenge him to a screaming match of who can be the loudest.

Logan is our gorgeous baby boy. He was born on Star Wars day and named after Wolverine (my fave x-men character) He had a rough start but is perfect now. He is such a joy to be around already, he’s just started to smile (mainly when he’s pooping but it counts), he makes the cutest sounds when he’s asleep and loves sleeping with his hands out and near his face; he looks just like his dad when he’s like this.
Apparently overall he looks like me but all I see is cuteness !!

Be prepared, a lot of my writing will now be about baby and family stuff. This will include shit, vomit, breast feeding and probably rants on the bad days.

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